Dungeons and Dragons: On the Continent of the Eshiin

June 19th

On Flaming Brassieres

Short of the long:
The party was still in the big chamber in Nuldezar, after having fought golems previously.
They investigated the flaming brazier in the corner, and Kin talked to a fire elemental that had been placed there to create weapons. It was dying, and as its dying wish, modified the weapons of the party to make them stronger and have a little red glow, then it died. SAD.

The party then proceeded to investigate the room, and found writing on the golem in the center:
“Nuldezam’s only true success. Forged with the fires of Gesnimavi (in primordial, translates to Gift of Gadryan, or Gift of the Sun). He shall be The Aegis, Sword and Champion of all dwarvenkind.”

Further investigation found a locked room with a journal lamenting the failures in the room. The party tried to open a chest and it turned out to be a mimic. Kin smashed its head in. The party continued to investigate any place not previously visited, and went downstairs, and found a hallway that was home to two black pudding oozes. They were so woefully unable to fight them, so they ran, busting the beer barrels on the way, and one ooze ate the beer and one ate a pile of feces. The group then barricaded the staircase.


predeterminedsky saikotriller

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