Dungeons and Dragons: On the Continent of the Eshiin

A Bar Story (The Story Summary)

Mild Bill tells a story.

“Yeah… so,

It was right after my wife died… I was running around with this halfling named Kiri – wizar-err….. wizard-ish type, like an energy to herself.

We were doing easy missions, then decided to dive in to a more difficult one. We met a dragonborn named Seeks-kin. He was a pushy guy, but provided muscle and a lot of useful recipes.

I was trying to find myself – I mean, critic turned… whatever, hero. We weren’t ready for it.

There were lotsa gods we encountered memories from, and I am missing half the story. We fought a thief named the Jackal, killed a bunch of the undead… we are fighting an inter-continental conspiracy now to resummon an evil God…

I haven’t had enough. Its real, I’m telling you…

I can’t walk in a straight line… but thats because its… zzz…"


predeterminedsky predeterminedsky

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