Scriptures of Stonespeaker Odat

Odat’s Scripture – Recounts the war with Yylir and the Gods reasons for waging it.

Amael, discontent with Yylir’s all-consuming greed, sought to create a world of his own.

Nelewe, sympathetic to Amael’s cause, knew the new beings would need guidance and wisdom.

Finduil, the first of Yylir’s children and whom used Amael’s rebellion as an opportunity to break free of the Yylir’s dominance

Gadryan, excited by Amael’s rebellion to inject passion and life into the world, yearned to create
new things.

Maranza, motives unknown, but sided with Amael
It then goes on to state that the other Gods were inspired by Amael’s ambition, and created smaller realms of their own, and that at the height of the war they retreated to these realms as Yylir was gaining the upper hand. The realms also function as an afterlife of sorts for beings created by those respective Gods. The names of these realms are given in primordial along with Odat’s attempts at translation.

“Finduil, – Deluge – The Vehement Tide, the antediluvian Sea.”

“Gadryan- Igneous – City of Fire, the Neversetting Sun.”

“Nelenwe, Argent – The Black Canvas, the Boundless Vasts”

“Maranza, Bedlam – The Anarchic Gusts, Hymns of Change.”

He then goes on to cite there is not enough source text to properly speculate on the nature of Amael’s realm as of yet. He goes on to state that the climax of the war, the Gods themselves permanently left pieces of themselves onto the world to make it whole again, binding it together and in doing so banished Yylir from ever entering it again, but also separated the Gods, and they may never step foot on the world again. Even this effort was not enough though, and Amael gave his entire essence to purge Yylir from the realm.

As a result of this, the warriors and armies left behind by the Gods remained in the world, separated from their deities. Some strayed, some remained dutiful to their original purpose.

Scriptures of Stonespeaker Odat

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